Naka Nathaniel


Naka Nathaniel is a retired multimedia journalist living in Atlanta, Georgia. He was an original member of the team that launched in 1995. On September 11, he filmed the second plane crash from his rooftop in Brooklyn. A sequence of shots from the videotape were the dominant images on during the day and the footage was broadcast on network and cable channels.

He spent almost five years based in Paris toting his cameras, computers and communications gear to produce multimedia features for The New York Times from A (Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge) to Z (Zimbabwe) -- including the three countries in George W. Bush's "Axis of Evil." He was nominated for an Emmy in 2006 for work in Darfur. Footage from travels with Nicholas Kristof was used in the HBO documentary “Reporter.”

A graduate of the University of Texas, he is now the stay-at-home parent for his young son and teaches journalism at Emory University.

Kabul March 2007