Naka Nathaniel



The Shame in My Sock Drawer (Daily Beast June 17, 2012)

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USC Specialized Journalism (Part 1 | Part 2)

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Freeing Sex Slaves

The tale of two Cambodian prostitutes, Srey Mom and Srey Neth.

Save Our Mothers

The story of Prudence, a mother of three, fighting for her life in Cameroon.

The Genocide Spreads

The horrors continue in Darfur.

The Illiterate Surgeon

Mamitu can’t read, but she can save lives.

Sept. 11 video

Second plane hits South Tower.

Fathers Remember

One year after Sept. 11, eight fathers of firemen who died in the tragedy, recall their sons.

Six Questions for Iran

A search for answers in the Islamic Republic.

Your Turn to Tell the Story

A different take on interactive journalism.

Selva Negra

In the highlands of Nicaragua, a coffee plantation re-invents itself for visitors.